TWiP Family 043: Birth Photography with Morag Hastings

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moragvertOn this episode, I talk with Morag Hastings about birth photography. Morag is a mother, doula, childbirth educator and birth photographer. We talk about what birth photography is, what is isn’t and why we both love it.

Morag started as a doula, a person who supports a laboring mother. She added photography to stand out from other doulas. Her birth photography business grew quickly and she shoots over fifty births a year.

Families love having photographs of this amazing time. And, Morag uses the photos from different kinds of births to educate families about what is possible when giving birth.

More about Morag Hastings: Website, Facebook, Instagram

If you have a family photography or gear! question for the next q and a show, a favorite photographer you’d like to hear on TWiP family or a topic you’d like to hear about email me. I’m at jenny@twip.pro

I’m doing a 365 Project this year. That’s taking and posting a photo every day all year long. A talented and friendly group of TWiP family listeners are also doing the project along with me. (I love them for it.) You can see the photos in our Flickr group: TWiP Family 365 Project 2016. Join us!

Here’s a photo of my little girl recording the ending of this show.

Little podcaster

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