TWiP Family 020: Sports Photography for Parents with Peter Read Miller

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PRMHeadshotDoes your kid play soccer? Maybe some baseball or hockey? This episode is for you. I’m sharing my interview with Peter Read Miller who was a Sports Illustrated photographer for over 30 years. His book, Peter Read Miller on Sports Photography, is full of great information about how he creates his amazing images of athletes and sporting events.

Sports photography is a kind of photography I never thought I’d be interested in. My kids changed that. They enjoy playing sports and I find it very hard to get good photos of them playing. I’d pretty much given up, but was inspired to ask an expert for this family photography podcast. So many of us watch our kids from the sidelines and want to know how to get a few good shots while we’re there.

Peter’s book starts off with football photography. Of course, I talk to him about the Steelers. (I’m from Pittsburgh – it couldn’t be helped.) A fascinating part of our conversation about photographing high school football is about the lights. Peter tells us how lights at high school football fields and gyms cycle through different colors and intensities – making it very hard to expose well and have good color balance. The new Canon 7D Mark II compensates for this. Who knew?

We talk about the gear Peter uses. For parents, he recommends the 7D Mark II and a 70-200mm f2.8. He also recommends renting a lens to see if you really want to buy it and want to see if it’s worth the cost for you.

Peter tells us how to get the best shots for specific sports – hockey, baseball, soccer, basketball and track.

In Peter’s book, he writes about how he makes portraits of athletes. He tells us in the interview how he makes his subject comfortable in a very short time to make his extraordinary portraits.

Peter’s Simple Tip

Clean backgrounds.

Peter’s Gear

Canon 1DX, Canon 7D Mark II
400mm 2.8, 70-200mm, and 24-70mm

Find out more about Peter: Website, Facebook

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