TWiP Family 011: Jenny and Josh Solar’s Family Adventures

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©Dana PughThis episode I hear about Jenny and Josh Solar’s family adventures. The Solars are a husband and wife photography team. They have three kids, a dog and know how to have fun.

The Solars talk about the kinds of photos they used to take of their kids – photos that included a big plastic number one of their first baby. They didn’t buy any more big plastic numbers. Instead, their style evolved over the years into a documentary style of photography.

Josh explains to me how taking time to add alternative text to their photos online has provided opportunities to their family. Josh admits that adding the text is annoying, but it also tells us how the time has paid off.

Jenny talks about what it is like sharing online both the good and the bad about their family’s life, especially during their family’s recent health struggles.

Josh’s Tips for Parents:

Get down on your kids’ level. It’s more fun and you’ll get better photos too. And, treat your phone’s camera just like a “real” camera.

Jenny’s Tip for Parents:

Do adventurous things with your family. It’s okay to do your own thing and don’t worry about what other people think.

Connect with the Solars: Website, Instagram, Facebook, Cards.

Hear more from Josh on the Discovering Dad Podcast.

And you can also hear more from Jenny when she speaks at Click Away this October in San Antonio.

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Next week, Kristen Kalp talks with me about questions to ask if you are considering starting a family photography business.

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