TWiP #250 – Facebook Hearts Instagram

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This week on TWiP, we continue our use of Google+ Hangouts to discuss Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and 500px’s new “Plus” plan. The panel also talks about what constitutes a “limited edition” of a photograph, and about a proposal from Adobe to bring Photoshop-esque blend modes to HTML.

Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Sara France, Joseph Linaschke, and Dan Ablan

Episode Overview:

Instagram is acquired by Facebook for the princely sum of $1 billion. The hosts discuss what this means for the photo-sharing service’s future.

500px has a new “Plus” plan for $20/year, which competes with Flickr’s “Pro” plan. This topic led to a great conversation about the difficulties photographers face, trying to manage their presence on all these different outlets for photography.

Famed photographer William Eggleston is being sued for reissuing some of his photos in a different format, leading to the question, “What constitutes a limited edition?”

Adobe wants to introduce Photoshop-style blend modes for images into the W3C specification for HTML.

Frederick sits down for an interview with Pixoto c0-founder and CEO Jason Kiefer to talk about the service that Frederick calls a “Hot or Not” for photos.

Plus, the guests provide buying advice for photographers who aren’t sure which starter camera and lens to buy.

Sara France, Joseph Linaschke, and Dan Ablan join Frederick Van Johnson to discuss these topics and more on this week’s episode of TWiP.

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1. Facebook Acquires Instagram for $1 billion

2. 500px introduces a new $20 membership, takes aim at Flickr

3. Photographer William Eggleston gets sued over the definition of “limited edition”

4. Adobe wants to add Photoshop-style blend modes into Photoshop

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Joseph Linaschke: “Photo 101” video training and iOS app GeoTagr

Dan Ablan: SongFreedom.com

Sara France: ShootLA

Frederick Van Johnson: 500px and Pixoto

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Connect with Our Hosts & Guests:

Joseph Linaschke: photojoseph.com and www.ApertureExpert.com

Dan Ablan: about.me/danablan

Sara France: sarafrance.com and www.facebook.com/sarafrancephotography

Frederick Van Johnson: www.mediabytes.com or www.twitter.com/frederickvan or Google+


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