TheFIX 060: Photoshop Layer Mask Basics & Book Giveaway

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Layer Mask Basics with Seán Duggan

On this episode, host Seán Duggan provides a look at layer mask basics in Photoshop. If you’re new to Photoshop, you may have heard about layer masks but are still unfamiliar with some of the ways they can be used to enhance your images. In this week’s demo, Seán shows you how layer masks are created, and how they can be used both for compositing as well as applying color and tonal adjustments to specific areas of the image. He also covers the basics of how to edit layer masks using selections and the Brush tool.

01:20    Rocky Nook book giveaway overview    |    03:45    Google Nik Collection
08:35    New Lynda.com compositing course    |    09:40    Seán’s summer workshop in Maine
11:00    Start of Layer Mask Basics tutorial    |    43:37    Book Giveway Details

New Giveaway: A Book of Your Choice from Rocky Nook

One lucky listener of this episode of TheFIX will get a free copy of a book of your choice from Rocky Nook. Throw your hat in the ring for this giveaway by leaving a comment below and do one of the following (or both):  1.) Post one of your images that you’ve improved with layer masks. Please include a short description of how you used the layer mask and how you made it (please don’t worry if your photo doesn’t appear immediately in the Comments. Our gremlins have to pass it through their spam filters first). 2.) Add a comment with a suggestion for a topic or a guest that you’d like to see on a future episode of TheFIX. You do have to log-in to leave a comment, but that’s a good thing since it requires an email address and we’ll need that to contact you if you are the winner. You have two weeks to add your comments. One entry per person. The entry period for the book giveaway closes on Tuesday April 19, 2016.

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Download the Free Google Nik Collection of Photoshop and Lightroom plug-ins
New Lynda.com course – Shooting & Assembling a Sports Action Composite
Photoshop Masking & Compositing book
Seán’s Maine workshop – Creative Seeing: Refining Your Photographic Vision, Aug 7–13, 2016

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Where’s Seán?

Lynda.com recently published Seán’s two new Photoshop Compositing Project courses: Product Photography Compositing, and Adding a Person to a Group Photo.  Check out Seán’s website to learn more about his photography, workshops, and all of his Lynda.com courses

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