TheFIX 084: Photoshop Video Compositing

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Photoshop Video Compositing with Seán Duggan

In this episode of TheFIX we complete the compositing project from Episode 081, taking the steampunk radio composite and using it to explore video compositing in Photoshop. Host Seán Duggan shows how to use common Photoshop compositing skills such as layers, layer masks, smart objects, and blending modes to combine stills and video clips to create a video composite. The great thing about working with video compositing in Photoshop is that you can utilize a lot of skills with layrs, selections, masks and smart objects, that you may already know. Need to nrush up on Photoshop video basics? We have a previous episode of TheFIX that covers it. See the link below.

Signing Off

This will be my last episode hosting TheFIX. I’ve been hosting the show for a year now, after taking over from the original host, Jan Kabili. It’s been a great ride and over the course of 54 episodes I’ve really enjoyed bringing you a range of guests to talk about a variety of post-processing topics covering Photoshop, Lightroom, mobile apps, plug-ins, and backup strategies. I want to give a shout-out to Frederick Van Johnson and thank him for the opportunity to host this show. And if you’re not familiar with some of the other photography podcasts on TWIP, definitely check them out. There are many cool shows with talented hosts. It’s a great resource! TheFIX will be going on a hiatus but a show about post processing is certain to make it’s way back to TWIP in the near future, so stay tuned! Thanks to everyone who tuned in to listen to or view the show. I appreciate it! As I like to say at the end of the semester to students in my digital imaging classes…Go Forth and Pixelate!

Links Mentioned in This Episode

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Where’s Seán?

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