TheFIX 082: Personal Project Profile: Apocalyptech by Jeff Shaffer

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Personal Project Profile: Apocalyptech by Jeff Shaffer

In this episode of TheFIX, commercial photographer Jeff Shaffer provides an in-depth look at Apocalyptech, a personal project featuring a series of intricate and detailed Photoshop composites. Apocalyptech was created as Jeff’s thesis project while earning his Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography degree from New York’s prestigious School of Visual Arts. In the interview we take a look at the entire process for creating this personal project: Developing the initial concept for the story, looking at the work of other photographers who provided visual inspiration for the look and feel of the series, the creation of rough storyboard-like sketches that were the first visuals for the story and informed how the background composites were created, as well as the casting of models to play the main characters, and photographing the models in the studio to match the lighting and perspective in background plates that Jeff had already created. We wrap things up with a look at one of the layered Photoshop files and Jeff deconstructs how the composite was put together.

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Jeff Shaffer website     |     Apocalyptech site
Inspirations:  TokyoGenso     |     Lori Nix     |     David Trautrimas     |     Viktor Koen
LensFlare Studio, $29.99 (for Mac OS 10.9 or higher)

About Our Guest

Jeff Shaffer’s advertising photography has garnered numerous awards from art director’s clubs and other publication design groups. Based in Philadelphia, he has worked on national ad campaigns and annual reports for such prominent clients as Pfizer, Neiman Marcus, Ralph Lauren, Tanqueray, and Heineken. Jeff’s fine-art photography draws its inspiration from futuristic cinema and graphic novels, relying heavily on post-production manipulation in the style of computer graphics. He refined those skills while earning his Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography degree from New York’s prestigious School of Visual Arts.

Images below from Apocalyptech by Jeff Shaffer

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