TheFIX 081: Photoshop Compositing – Steampunk Radio

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Photoshop Compositing: Steampunk Radio

In this project-based episode of TheFIX, host Seán Duggan uses elements from four photos to create a simple Photoshop composite of a steampunk radio. If you are interested in learning more about compositing, there are a lot of essential Photoshop skills covered in this show, including retouching, image mirroring, transformations, selections, working with shape tools to create paths for selections, layers,  layer masks, smart objects, and layer styles. This is actually part 1 of a two part project; in a subsequent episode, the steampunk radio will be used as an element in a video composite. Note: The final image in the gallery below is an enhanced version that was completed after the recording of this show. The radio composite created in this episode was added into an old camera case and further modified with additional elements. A deconstruction of this final version will be shown in Part 2 of this project, which will air in two or three weeks.

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Interested in learning more about compositing? Checkout two of Seán’s courses at Lynda.com:
Learn Photoshop Compositing: 10-Minute Techniques      |   Photographing for Compositing in Photoshop
Lynda.com 10-Day Free Trial


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