TheFIX 075: Erika Thornes – Underwater Photography

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Underwater Photography with Erika Thornes

On the 75th episode of TheFIX photographer Erika Thornes joins Seán Duggan for a conversation about her beautiful and dreamlike underwater images and the Lightroom processing techniques she uses to color correct, improve and enhance her underwater photography. Erika stages her images in swimming pools and her subjects include children, families, dancers, and professional mermaids (yes, there is such a thing!). Sometimes her subjects in these photos are wearing flowing dresses and gowns that lend a dreamy and surreal quality to the images. Erika shares some of tips for underwater photography in pools and working with models who are clad in voluminous gowns that can get very heavy in the water. Then we move into Lightroom and Erika shows some of the workflow process she uses to improve her photos by using the Color Adjustments panel to remove the strong blue color cast present in most pool images. She also shows how to use the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom to apply local changes to improve the color of skin tones in underwater photos so they look pleasing and natural.

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

ErikaThornes.com     |     Erika’s Lynda.com Courses
Underwater Model Photography     |     Underwater Portraits with Directed Light
Erika’s previous interview on TheFIX 048: Digital Afterlife – Preserving Family Photos
Connect with Erika on….   Facebook    |    Google+    |    Instagram    |     Pinterest

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Where’s Seán?

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