TheFIX 065: Photoshop Mobile Apps to Photoshop Desktop

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Photoshop Mobile Apps to Photoshop Desktop with Seán Duggan

This week on TheFIX, host Seán Duggan takes you through a project-based episode that starts in Photoshop on the desktop and moves to the Photoshop mobile apps Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix on an iPad. In the mobile part of the workflow we process a file that started on the desktop and was saved to my Creative Cloud folder to make it available to the Photoshop apps on my iPad (Photoshop Mix is available for iOS and Android; Photoshop Fix is iOS only at the present time). We work on the file in Photoshop Fix and then move on to Photoshop Mix. Once in Mix, specific layers are moved over to Photoshop Fix for healing or liquify transformations. The saved result from Fix then updates into the layers in Photoshop Mix. After starting a composite on the mobile platform of the iPad, the file is then sent to Photoshop on the desktop for additional refinements. The mobile connection from a tablet or phone to Photoshop on the desktop is a very useful way to seamlessly work on your creative projects on a variety of platforms. Seán also talks about the next Rocky Nook book giveaway and give s a preview of Le Cirque Photographique, a mobile photography creativity pre-conference workshop at Photoshop World that he is working on with Russell Brown from Adobe. See more details in the links section below.

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Le Cirque Photographique: Mobile Photography Creativity Workshop , 7/18/16, Las Vegas
Ep 059 Mobile Compositing with Photoshop Mix     |     Ep 037 Making Monsters with Russell Brown


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Where’s Seán?

Lynda.com recently published Seán’s two new Photoshop Compositing Project courses: Photoshop Cinemagraph Tutorial: Start to Finish and Shooting & Assembling a Sports Action Composite. Check out his website to learn more about his photography, workshops, and all of his Lynda.com courses.

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