TheFIX 059: Mobile Compositing with Photoshop Mix

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Mobile Compositing with Photoshop Mix

On this episode of TheFIX, host Seán Duggan explores mobile compositing and shows how to use Photoshop Mix to create a multi-layered composite on a tablet device. Starting with a scan of a vintage portrait from the 1880s, Seán shows how to apply basic image improvements, how to use the content-aware Cut-Out tools for non-destructive masking, combining layers with Blending Modes, and working with the style presets in the Looks module to modify the look and feel of an image. In a short side trip, he uses Diptic to create a mirrored image to use as a background for the vintage portrait. Different images are added as layers to transform the portrait into an image that suggests a vintage glimpse into a hidden world. Photoshop Mix and Diptic are available for both iOS and Android.

Final Modifications Not Shown in the Episode

Due to time constraints, the entire image-editing process was not shown in this episode. After the episode ended, the image was further modified using the app LensLight to create the bright orbs of faerie light. These were saved out of LensLight as images that were added to the composite using the Screen blend mode in Photoshop Mix. The overall color balance was adjusted and faint color was added to the dress and the woman’s hair. Slight vignetting was added and the edges of the image were also darkened slightly. You can see the final version shown in the gallery below.

Links Mentioned in this Episode

Seán’s Lynda.com course:  Creating Photo Composites on Camera Phones and Tablets



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Where’s Seán?

Lynda.com recently published Seán’s new Photoshop Compositing Project course: “Shooting & Assembling a Sports Action Composite”.  Check out Seán’s website to learn more about his photography, workshops, and all of his Lynda.com courses

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