TheFIX 057: Exploring Creative Composites with Fran Forman

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Exploring the Creative Composite with Fran Forman

In this episode of TheFIX, noted digital composite artist Fran Forman joins host Seán Duggan for a conversation on the inspiration and creative process behind her beautifully surreal and dreamlike photo composites. Fran shares how her background in graphic design, art history and psychology have all contributed to her compositing style, as well as the stories that she tells with her enigmatic images. We delve into where her ideas come from and then discuss the creative metamorphosis and serendipity that transforms those initial seeds of an idea into a finished composite. Fran shares several of her composites and talks about the concepts behind them and the different source photos that were used, as well as deconstructing a couple of composites to show how they evolved as she was working on them.

About This Week’s Guest

Photo-montage artist Fran Forman s gorgeous images can be seen in prestigious galleries and major museums, including the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, a testament to the many significant awards and prizes she has earned over her 20-year career. Her book Escape Artist was chosen by Elizabeth Avedon as one of the Best Photography Books in 2014.

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Fran’s website   |  Escape Artist, the Art of Fran Forman
Connect with Fran on    Facebook     |     Instagram


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Where’s Seán?

Lynda.com recently published Seán’s two new Photoshop Compositing Project courses: Product Photography Compositing, and Adding a Person to a Group Photo.  Check out Seán’s website to learn more about his photography, workshops, and all of his Lynda.com courses

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