TheFIX 055: Photoshop 3D Planet Creation with Stephen Burns

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Photoshop 3D Planet Creation with Stephen Burns

In this episode of TheFIX, we talk with digital artist, author, instructor and 3D expert Stephen Burns, who shares some techniques from his new book 3D Photoshop for Creative Professionals: An Interactive Guide for Creating 3D Art.  In the demo he shows how to use Photoshop’s 3D features to create a planet from a photograph of a marble texture, add rings to the planet (including accurate shadows from the rings and the planet), use a bump map to add a textured surface to the planet, and finally, use compositing techniques, including layer masks, to add the planet into a landscape photograph. If you’re interested in ways you might use Photoshop’s 3D features in your own compositing projects, this is definitely an episode for you.

About This Week’s Guest

Stephen Burns is a digital artist and author of books on being creative with your digital tools. He is an Adobe ACP (Adobe Community Professional) and Adobe Freelancer and has taught digital creativity internationally. He is also the president of The San Diego Photoshop Users Group which is currently the largest Photoshop user group in the United States, as well as a founder of the Facebook Photoshop Users group. He teaches digital workshops online and privately.

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Stephen’s website: ChromeAllusion.com     |      Book: 3D Photoshop for Creative Professionals
Learn more about Photoshop 3D in Stephen’s Sept 2015 Appearance on TheFIX
San Diego Photoshop User’s Group     |      Facebook Photoshop Users Group

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Where’s Seán?

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