TheFIX 050: Lightroom Export Essentials

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Lightroom Export Essentials

In this episode of TheFIX, host Seán Duggan provides a tour of the essentials of the Lightroom Export dialog, including how to create a custom file name template, how to work with the Watermark Editor dialog, and how to create Export Presets to streamline that part of your Lightroom workflow. This rundown of the settings in the Export dialog is a follow-up to a show two weeks ago where guest Erika Thornes offered suggestions for implementing some simple Lightroom workflow changes so that important family photos could be quickly exported as JPEGs so that your family can easily access them after you’re gone. One of those suggestion was creating an Export Preset for this purpose. Since we didn’t have time to cover it in that episode, we’re revisiting the Lightroom Export dialog this week.

Links Mentioned in this Episode

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Creative Seeing: Refining Your Photographic Vision, Aug. 7 – 13, 2016, at the Maine Media Workshops

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Where’s Seán?

Seán’s latest online courses Photoshop Compositing Project: Replacing a Sky,  Landscape Photography: Iceland, and iPhone & iPad Photography with iOS 9 were recently published at Lynda.com. Check out his website to learn more about his photography, workshops, and his other Lynda.com courses

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