TheFIX 048: Digital Afterlife – Preserving Family Photos

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Preserving Family Photos After You’re Gone

None of us live forever, and this week on TheFIX, we discuss what happens to your treasured digital family photos after you’re gone, including some simple workflow steps you can take to ensure that your important family photos can be easily accessed by your family in both digital and print form, even though you are no longer around. To help make sense of this, host Seán Duggan is joined by photographer and writer Erika Thornes who has put a lot of thought into this question after a close friend of hers passed away and she was asked by the family to help sort out her friend’s 250,000 image Lightroom catalog and separate the most important family photos so they could be dealt with more easily from a non-photographer perspective (i.e., accessed by people who don’t know Lightroom, and have no idea what a raw file is, but just want to be able to see and share the images as simply as possible). In addition to digital solutions, backups, and file format considerations, we also discuss the need to not only make prints of important family photos, but also to create offsite backups of those printed copies, and Erika shares some great ideas for ways to make that happen that doesn’t take much effort at all. Erika’s tips and suggestions can provide a framework for creating some simple solutions that are easy to implement in your own imaging workflow.

About Our Guest

Erika Thornes is a professional photographer based in San Diego, California who loves to document life and tell the story of people and their families. Her work focuses on life events such as weddings and birthdays, but also on the significant everyday moments between the important events (you can see some of her photos below). In addition to creating memorable images of families and children for her clients, she also loves to create photographs underwater. She posts regular articles at Photofocus.com, and her first Lynda.com course Kids Photography: In Parks at Play was published this week.

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Where’s Seán?

Seán’s latest online courses Photoshop Compositing Project: Replacing a Sky,  Landscape Photography: Iceland, and iPhone & iPad Photography with iOS 9 were recently published at Lynda.com. Check out his website to learn more about his photography, workshops, and his other Lynda.com courses


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