TheFIX 027: Photoshop Compositing with David Julian

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Photoshop Compositing with David Julian

In this episode photographer, illustrator, and educator David Julian joins Seán Duggan in a wide-ranging conversation on compositing in Photoshop, both from technical and conceptual perspectives. David also shows some cool techniques for creating custom shadows from layer styles.

Links mentioned in this episode

Dave’s web site,
Dave’s Blog, “Notes from a Creative Soul”
Dave’s Mentoring and Workshops

Photographing for Compositing in Photoshop – Seán’s latest online course at


About Our Guest

David Julian is a photographer, illustrator and educator based in Seattle.  His photographs and illustrative work has appeared in publications including Nikon World, Islands, Conde Nast Traveller, Rangefinder, Audubon, After Capture, Layers, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro and in national newspapers. He leads workshops, mentors photographers worldwide, and teaches photography at the Maine Media Workshops, University of Washington and Seattle Creative Academy. 

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Where’s Seán?

Catch up with Seán’s photography and imaging workshops, books, online courses, and photography at

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Where’s Jan?

Jan recently celebrated publication of her 40th course. Check out her latest courses:

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