The Stolen Scream

The photo that became a symbol of unrest

Noam Galai is an Israeli born photographer, now based in New York City. The odds are very good that you may have seen one, or ten, of his celebrity portraits, and his work puts him in an elite group of photographers.

As a commercial celebrity and entertainment photographer Noam has photographed some of the most iconic faces and moments of our time. Beyoncé, Jamie Foxx, professional sporting events, the 9/11 Memorial – from the air, and Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

His list of publications is pretty long, but to name a few: People Magazine, USA Today, LIFE Magazine, National Geographic, The Rolling Stone, Vogue, Us Weekly, Sports Illustrated, and Time Magazine – where his image of then candidate Donald Trump graced the March 2016 cover.

Noam is amazingly good, yet his claim to fame isn't because of a commercial shoot. He is best known for his own face, or more to the point, his scream.

Join Noam and me on this episode of Behind the Shot as we take a look at how a simple social media post of a selfie made Noam a household face around the world.

Noam's Work

Connect with Noam

Facebook: @noamgalai
Instagram: @noamgalai
Twitter: @ngalai

The Stolen Scream Online

The Stolen Screen Story
Examples and Uses (video)
Lecture by Walt Jones (video)
10th Anniversary (video)
FStoppers (video)


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