The Candid Frame 290 – Michelle Rick

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There are different stories about what leads a person to pick up a camera to do more than just making snapshots. Some of these stories begin high school course, or when they have their first child or when they look at somebody else’s work and think to themselves, “I could do that”.

For this week’s guest Michelle Rick, her decision to begin practicing photography came from frustrations with another art form, writing. She had always considered herself a storyteller and had earned an MFA in creative writing at the New School, but when she struggled to make the transition for writing short stories to a novel, she struggled. She soon found an outlet for frustration and anxiety with a camera. Within a short time, she found herself exploring her creativity on the streets of New York.

Within a short period of time, she has become adept at using light, color and the theater of the street to make beautiful photographs of the city that she loves. She is continually challenging herself, not satisfied to merely produce images that look pleasing, but that reveal something of herself.


Michelle Rick
Roy DeCarava

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