Sony RX100 MK IV

The Sony RX100 mk IV is a rare beast: the fourth generation in a very successful line of cameras. But at US$950, it’s also the most-expensive point-and-shoot compact that fits in a pocket. The mk IV is the same size as its predecessor, but has a number of improvements including 4K video, 16fps shooting (up from 10fps), a faster electronic shutter, enhanced autofocus, a better EVF, more video options and an amazing slow-motion video capability up to 1000fps.

If you want the very best in this format, the RX100 mk IV is the clear leader. But should you upgrade? Doug owns a mk III. Is he making the leap for the new model?

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  2. Good review that pretty much confirms that my RX100M3 remains firmly in my possession. I bought mine last year in China and shot it there and also in Thailand. GREAT piece of work. Check out the Thai shots at:

  3. I have now a Mark III , after using a Mark II , but quite impressed about Mark IV. Thanks Doug & Fred for an interesting discussion.

  4. Doug and Frederick,
    nice review of the mark IV. I have one nagging issue. I’m stuck in JPEG fine. When will Adobe release ACR support for the IV? Put the heat on Adobe ok….it’s business not personal.

  5. As an enthusiast videographer, I’ve been waiting 15 years for a good video/still combo camera, and I think this is finally it. It’s all about XAVC S 50Mbps that makes this camera stand out from the crowd. The 100Mbps looks good for 4K too, and even if it could do 300Mps, I don’t think we’d want to store that! I’m blown away by my initial tests. I suspect I’ll be shooting mostly 1080p 60fps, but the HFR and 4k modes are amazing. They scale down to 1080p and perhaps the footage will be useable when 4k becomes mainstream. I’m doubly excited to get the ring/filter attachment and start getting used to the manual still settings. I’ve never had a good still camera, really squeezing out all I could from my phones and smaller point n shoots.