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The TWiP Membership! You’ll get ongoing access to ALL TWiP Network membership benefits. This includes partner discounts, access to TWiP Member-only courses, and member discount product pricing in the store, access to the TWiP Community, an invitation to our weekly member mixers, photo critiques and more.


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Membership has its privileges, and they are…

Members get these superpowers:

  • Full access to the exclusive TWiP PRO Community (including Groups, Forums, and Community Activity)
  • Access to member-only streaming photography products
  • Perpetual and on-going 50% discount on other select streaming courses
  • Perpetual and on-going 25% discount on digital downloads (Presets, Styles, etc)
Note, the free/discounted products show up in the store with the discounted price or $0.00 for products you having member-only free access.

In addition…

  • Members get invited to submit images to our valuable weekly Photo Critiques.
  • Members get invited to join our weekly informal virtual Zoom Member Mixers (think office hours).

TWiP PRO — a community like no other!

Your membership will be on-going, and you’ll be notified each time you renew. And if you should ever decide to cancel, we’ve made it really easy to do so — you’d just click over to the Member Area to cancel or manage your subscription preferences.

Industry Giants are talking!

Frederick and his team at TWIP are amazing! I’m so excited by this next evolution and it’s totally worth signing up! Way to go, Frederick – stay awesome! :)” —Trey Ratcliff, Landscape Photographer, and Stuck in Customs Founder

Wow guys, I LOVE what you’ve done with the place. I love being a guest on TWiP and learning from your irreverent discussions over the years. And now that you’re offering so much more value, membership a no-brainer for anyone interested in staying up to date, or learning cool tips and techniques around photography.” —Michael Grecco, Commercial and Celebrity Photographer

“I’m happy to say that what Frederick built with TWiP is not only encouraging photographers of all skill levels to think different, TWiP is also showing them the way.” —Giulio Sciorio, Small Camera Big Picture

I think TWiP is one of the most important & relevant resources about photography out there today. The team has always had its finger on the pulse of the photo community in a completely unique way. So, it’s exciting to hear that the team is now expanding to offer vital training and other resources as well! One thing I know for sure… the new TWiP will be current, down-to-Earth, approachable – and as relevant always. But now it’ll be bigger and better, with more breadth and depth in their offerings. I can’t wait to watch it all unfold!” —Karen Hutton, Fine Art Photographer

“I have an amazing amount of respect for how much the TWiP team has contributed to the photography world over the years. And now that they’re “kicking it up a notch” by offering training, workshops and other resources. I know the “cool factor” of photography will increase too. TWiP brings that special flavor of cool to photography and now that hipness will also be delivered in their educational products.” —Robert Evans, Celebrity Wedding Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions…

Once I sign-up, how long until I can access the member area?

After you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the member area, and select products in the store will be instantly available to TWiP Members.

When will new courses be released?

We will be releasing courses in the TWiP Shop regularly. Members will get full access to training designed for members only.

Is my membership restricted to a single computer?

You can log in to your TWiP Membership from up to three computers. Start watching a course at home, continue listening in your car, then finish it up at work. Just log in and go!

What’s the monthly TWiP Member Mixer about?

Every month we will run a member-only video conference about a particular photography topic. Members can watch live, or just catch the private replay.

How do I participate in the TWiP Photo Critique?

Just submit an image into the Critique area of the community. We review submissions weekly and provide video feedback for each submission!

What kind of discount do members get in the TWiP store?

TWiP Members will get discount pricing of up to 50% in the TWiP Store on select products.

What if I don’t want to continue my membership, can I cancel?

You can cancel your membership at any time from your membership account dashboard. No questions asked.

Will I be notified when new content is released?

Yes! We will notify you of new courses, workshops, webinars, podcast episodes, etc. As a member, you’ll be the first to know.

What if I have a question, how do I contact TWiP?

That’s easy, just send us a message via the community, or use one of the social/email buttons on the bottom of each page to contact us.

Here’s what some of our members have to say…

Thomas Aaron
TWiP Pro takes the crappiness out of online social networking. Supportive, likeminded photographers without all the ego and toxicity. I’ve met several of our members in person and walked away with friends for life.

Troy Miller
With an overwhelming number of resources available of varying qualities, it’s difficult to know if what I am investing in is worth my time and effort. I’m more than confident that the resources on TWiP are of the highest quality, and the content is current and relevant, saving me time effort and energy that I can direct to other projects.

Stephen Scharf
TWiP provides members with value, personal and professional growth, enhanced knowledge, expertise, deeper skills & insight, but most importantly, a vibrant community of engaged photographers and opportunities for creativity and connection with good friends.

Matthew Feist
As an amateur/enthusiast, whether I am picking up small jobs and need some tips, or if I am looking for advice on honing technique, the TWiP Pro community is the best place to turn to for customized advice and tips…I no longer have any need to sift through countless posts or articles from content creators that aren’t aware of my needs or may have other motives in mind.

Ruth Happel
The TWiP Pro community has been an amazing photography resource for me. Beginning years ago listening to the TWiP podcasts, joining the TWiP PRO community has deepened and enhanced the experience by offering an easy way to chat with other members about a wide range of photo topics. No matter your interests or experience level, you are always welcomed into any discussion. It is a great group of friendly and dedicated photographers, all helping each other out.

Michael Ryno
I began my adventure into landscape photography four years ago and joined the TWIP PRO community about one year ago after having subscribed to the TWIP podcast about two years ago. Frederick, Troy and the other experienced photographers in the group have provided me with great learning resources that have helped bring my skills to a higher level. I look forward to participating in future member critiques, mixers and other activities going forward.

Craig Stampfli
The TWiP community is unlike any other photography group that I have been involved with.

As a long time fan of Frederick Van Johnson, I am always impressed with the variety of guests that he manages to interview, I’m not sure where he finds the time for it all, the variety of guests and subjects is staggering.

The insights from the weekly Photo Critiques have certainly helped lift my game, and the Member Mixers on a Friday evening where anything and everything (photographic) is discussed help close off a hectic week, and as a bonus, it has been a lot of fun getting to know photographers from all around the world and seeing what everyone gets up to.

Regardless of your level with photography, the hosts and members are all friendly and willing to help, share and build on a very fulfilling global community.

Marc Charette
I’ve been following, watching and listening to TWiP for several years now and as a commercial photographer, it’s been an important part of how I stay connected to photographers who see things differently. I’ve learned an absolute tone of stuff from Frederick’s interviews with some of the most fascinating people in the image-making industry.

And beyond that, having joined the TWiP Pro community, having great conversations, feedback and exchanges of ideas on skills, tools & ideas have helped me grow as a professional photographer. No matter what kind of photography you love or specialize in, I’d highly recommend (and I do regularly) that you hop in with those of us who have built a community of creativity. I guess you could say that This Week in Photo has become my photography tribe. 5 Stars recommendation all the way.


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