Moon Thief

Behind the Shot with Anya Anti

BtS_AnyaAnti_HeadshotAnya Anti is a self-taught digital artist from Ukraine, now based in New York. A photographer since 2009, photography is not only what she loves, and what she does, but also a reflection of her deep emotions, passion for the unknown and craving for beauty.

With her art, Anya not only tries to show beautiful imagery and photography technique, but also tries to convey an idea, mood, and atmosphere. From costumes to Photoshop manipulation, her fantasies come to life as finished pieces of art. Her images are fairytale-like, mystic, feminine, fragile and thoughtful, and if you listen carefully these silent pictures will tell a story.

As you enjoy her art, it is interesting to note that she shoots mainly with vintage manual lenses, like soviet Helios.

As a workshop instructor, Anya has taught in Poland, Russia, and of course Ukraine. As an award winner and internationally published artist, her accomplishments are too long to list here, but she is a Broncolor’s GenNEXT contest finalist (Broncolor Ambassador) and 2nd prize winner in the Fine Art Photography Awards – Professional Fine Art category

Join us on this episode of Behind the Shot as we discuss her image Moon Thief.

Anya’s Work

Connect with Anya

Instagram – Personal: @anya_anti
Instagram – Portfolio: @anya_anti_art
Facebook: @AnyaAntiArt
YouTube: @AnitaAnti
500px: @AnitaAnti

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