Panasonic Lumix GX80/GX85 Review

The Lumix GX80 (GX85 in North America) is Panasonic’s latest 16MP micro four-thirds (MFT) mid-range camera. Essentially the same body as the GX7 and smaller than the GX8, the new camera includes excellent in-body 5-axis image stabilization, a tiltable (but not fully articulating) touch-sensitive LCD, 4k 30p video and in-camera battery charging.

Although he’s disappointed in the non-OLED electronic viewfinder, Gordon is particularly impressed with some of the new 4k video-for-stills modes such as Lytro-like Post Focusing and previous modes like Light Composite.

The GX80/GX85 looks like an excellent starter or second-body MFT camera!

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  1. Hi love your work individually and collaboratively. Thanks!!!. My 2cents:

    If not for the loss of the tilting EVF, downgraded flash, and weaker battery this would truly be the GX7 Mk2. What a shame! I think the ability to capture the “moment” by grabbing an 8mb still from 4K is a really big deal.

    My only ergonomic issue with the GX7 was the thumb rest position that could too easily activate the DISP. button. This has been corrected in the GX80/85. The thumb rest is more prominent and provides a bit of relief over the closest button.

    I would also argue that screens that only tilt have another advantage over the more versatile fully articulating variety. Namely, setting the tilt to be a waist level finder that sits invisible behind the camera provides stealth.

    About a year after I bought the GM1 (after reading Gordon’s review), I wanted a stabilized micro 4/3 body. I wanted to buy an Olympus body but I could not use their EVFs wearing polarized sunglasses. With the GX7 (and the GX85 I hope) I can use the LCD in Landscape orientation and the field sequential display EVF in portrait orientation and both work very well with polarized sunglasses. Score 1 for field sequential display!

  2. On the topic of EVF and LCD screen aspect ratios, in a compact body I’d prefer to see a 16:9 LCD, since I’d use that almost exclusively for video, and a 4:3 EVF, since I use that exclusively for stills. Wouldn’t mind a bit if stills looked smallish on the rear screen. Use of a shorter 16:9 LCD would make room for the taller EVF while keeping overall body height modest.