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Infrared and Beyond – ITL 04

Infrared and Beyond – ITL 04

A engaging and geek talk about the science behind infrared photography, and much more! Cameras are designed to mimic human vision and limit themselves to only the spectrum that we can see with our own eyes. Creative photographers can step beyond the limitations and modify their cameras to explore the magical world of infrared, ultraviolet, and full spectrum photography. This conversation with Dan Llewellyn is a mind-feast for those photographers that love to understand light. I don’t think I could have had a better guest on the podcast to have this discussion with!

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2 thoughts on “Infrared and Beyond – ITL 04”

  1. Sony did a sensor that dropped one green for white a while and and one time they did one that used an other tint of blue. I think the white one was used by a motorola phone and the other one by some sony xperia phone

    It didn’t perform all that well so they quit after those runs.