Fujifilm X-T10

Fujifilm’s X-T10 is a great low-cost entry into Fuji’s line of X-Trans sensor interchangeable-lens cameras. You can now get the same great mage quality of the company’s flagship X-T1 for just half the price. In fact, for only US$1,000 you can get the new X-T10 with a good-quality 18-55mm kit zoom, which is US$300 less than even the non-interchangeable X100T. All with that great Fujifilm image quality.

Compared to its bigger-brother X-T1, the new X-T10 has the same sensor, same processor, same tilting rear LCD, same autofocus and same electronic viewfinder (EVF) although at a lower magnification. The body is smaller and lighter, but not fully magnesium. It has fewer controls and can’t shoot bursts as long in continuous mode. Regardless, it’s a great way to get started in the Fujifilm line or as a second body.

Gordon says the Fujifilm cameras have the best JPEG images straight-out-of-camera and Doug loves Fuji’s unique style of controls.

Read Gordon’s full-length review on CameraLabs.com.

Buy the Fujifilm X-T10 from Amazon.com US, Amazon UK, B&H or Adorama.


  1. Helpful review. But you might want to point out Panasonic’s friendly menus. Much easier to use than the nightmare of Olympus menus and slightly better than Fuji. You also might want to point out that Nikon and Canon have very competitive cameras in this range. On the whole, very balanced reviews.

  2. I shot with xt 10 recently great iq with lens and x trans sensor love the cameras old style controls vid is just ok need a Panasonic gh4 for that! pity no touch screen but for stills Its superb, canon and Nikon are miles behind in mirrorless cameras