Fujifilm X-Pro2

The Fujifilm X-Pro2 is the company’s new flagship X-series model, replacing the four year-old X-Pro1. The X-Pro2 occupies a unique niche as an interchangeable-lens autofocus rangefinder camera. It’s that improved hybrid optical/electronic range/viewfinder that truly sets this camera apart from any competition.

The X-Pro2 brings a new 24MP APS-C X-trans sensor, weather sealing, dual SD card slots, phase-detection autofocus, an improved ISO control and a new joystick for AF-point positioning. Add those features to the always-impressive Fujifilm image quality and you have yet another Fuji winner.

Read Gordon’s detailed review and his comparison to the new Sony a6300.

Purchase the X-Pro2 from Amazon USA, B&H or Adorama.


  1. Nice review. By the way, calling the X-Pro2’s OVF a rangefinder is a bit of a misnomer. A rangefinder is a measuring device used for focusing in Leica cameras and the like.

    The X-Pro2 is a rangefinder-style camera in that it has a flat top plate with an off-centered direct optical viewfinder like classic rangefinder cameras, but it has no rangefinder per se.