Creating a Music Video

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Join us as we create a music video from scratch — in Tulum, Mexico!

Today we have more ways than ever to share and display the work we create. No longer are we limited to just a printed frame, or a photo album. Today you can present your photographs, videos, and audio on a wide variety of devices.

This opens up some amazing possibilities in terms of the types of content you can create, and more importantly — the types of stories you can tell. In this course, you will learn exciting new ways to create and share next-generation digital content. But rather than showing you esoteric unrelated tips and techniques… we’ve traveled to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to create an amazing music video with two aspiring and talented musicians.

In this course you will learn:

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Objectives and Goals

  • Telling the story
  • Creating your shot list
  • Improvisation and adaptation

Photography and Documentation

  • Preparation
  • Covering the event (wide, medium and close-ups)
  • Backup after the shoot

Recording Video

  • OSMO overview
  • 4K videography (reasons for)
  • 4K photography (still extraction)

Recording Audio

  • Preparation
  • Multiple audio sources
  • Synchronization (PluralEyes)
  • Preparing for the edit

Send in the Drones

  • An overview of drones
  • Frederick’s drone kit
  • Planning the flight
  • Safety considerations
  • Importing footage

Editing the Footage

  • Assembling the assets
  • Cutting it all together
  • Output
  • Compression
  • Sharing


  • Parting thoughts
  • Next step

You’ll also learn how to synthesize it using our own brand of “digital alchemy” into a final product that you can share. In this course, you’ll have access to our raw files, and other assets used to create the final product so that you can follow along at your own pace… using the content that we’ve captured for you on the beautiful Yucatan peninsula in Mexico!

See you on the inside!