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Color Science with Ray Maxwell – ITL 03

Color Science with Ray Maxwell – ITL 03

Color science is difficult to wrap into an understandable conversation, and there isn’t anyone better to help us get a handle on the peculiar nature of human vision than Ray Maxwell. This conversation winds around a number of topics, from how camera sensors are designed, how printers work, and how our eyes perceive the world around us. As photographers, a greater understanding of color science can spark creative ideas and help us overcome technical problems… but it’s also fun to simply geek out over it!

Note: There was some audio issues with the recording near the beginning of the conversation and a few sentences needed to be cut or reconstructed. Sorry about that!

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1 thought on “Color Science with Ray Maxwell – ITL 03”

  1. Sigma camera fanboi here having to chime in.

    foveon, how odd it might sound isn’t about color.
    The bayer filter and interpolation averages out micro contrast.
    Foveon, since you have all the data per pixel does not discard any luminance nuance at the expense of color and sensitivity