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I normally have an easy time writing these posts, but with this guest it's much tougher. Anthony D'Angio is a professional photographer, mountaineer and explorer of life. His bio says that his “primary goal is to inspire by bringing you into my world through storytelling, photography, videography and most importantly, passion”. I am here to tell you he does.

I first found Anthony through Twitter, where he was one of my main inspirations. As a music photographer myself, his music industry work, with brands and artists like the Country Music Association (CMA), the BBC, Disney, Eric Church, and numerous other artists on live music, album covers and promotional content blew me away. He is just that good. His brand Get Flex’d was a social media hit, reaching over 70,000 followers, and created a nickname for him of “Flex”.

At the beginning of 2017, that all changed. This guy was willing to put a successful brand to bed. 2016, while being a rewarding year, brought some personal challenges to Anthony, so he took a step back and rejuvenated his passion for a wider range of photography. That brings us to the shot for this episode.

Seen more outdoors nowadays than indoors, Anthony is constantly traveling, hiking, and climbing whatever mountains he can. His ultimate goal is conquering the Seven Summits and sharing that journey through photography. And when I say “mountains”, I mean MOUNTAINS. His long term plan is the South Col of Everest in 2020, which he is currently in training for. In March of 2017 he did the trek to Everest Base Camp, raising funds for Alzheimer’s Society. Anthony is a storyteller, with every photo servings a purpose – whether it is to document his life in words and pictures, to inspire someone through his passion or to raise awareness for this beautiful planet we live on.

I hope this conversation with Anthony inspires you as much as he has inspired me over the years. Be sure to also follow his Hashtags: #YourWorld though #MyEyes.

Join Anthony D'Angio and I as we discuss the difficulties of shooting in the elements of altitude and weather, as we examine his amazing image of the Tengboche Monastery, located at 13,000 feet in the Himalaya.

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