TWiP Family 53: Kevin Mullins

This week's guest is documentary wedding and family photographer, Kevin Mullins. He talks about how photographs weddings and families in an unobtrusive way. Kevin also talks about why small Fuji cameras suit his style of photography.

TWiP Family 050: Molly Flanagan

This week's guest is Molly Flanagan. Molly creates family photos that go beyond domestic perfection to celebrate the nurturing and comfort found in the home.

TWiP Family 049: Tamara Lackey

On today’s episode, Jenny shares her conversation with Tamara Lackey. Tamara talks about why a photo of your family together is important and how to make a great one.

TWiP Family 047: Yan Palmer on Finding Your Voice

Today's guest is Yan Palmer. Yan doesn't recommend starting a photography business the way she did, but loves where it has taken her. Yan loves experimenting with light while photographing families and making photographs that make her feel something.

TWiP Family 046: Your Gear Questions with Paul Friedman

You sent in your family photography gear questions. Paul Friedman from Lens Pro to Go joined Jenny to answer your gear questions. Full frame or crop sensor? Are Canon and Nikon lenses worth the extra expense? They answer these questions and more on this episode of TWiP Family.

TWiP Family 045: Panning Photos for Parents

Our children never stop moving. Instead of asking them to hold still, embrace their motion. I love capturing kids in motion by making panning photos. In this show, we talk about what panning photos are and how to make them.

TWiP Family 044: Underwater Photography with Erika Thornes

In this episode, I’m talking to Erika Thornes who loves underwater photography. Erika lives in southern California. She has year round opportunities to practice her underwater photography skills. We talk about what she has learned about photographing her family and friends underwater.

TWiP Family 041: Niki Boon

In this interview with Niki Boon we talk about the dramatic photos she creates of her children exploring the world around them.

TWiP Family 038: Zalmy Berkowitz

This week I’m sharing my interview with Zalmy Berkowitz. Zalmy documents the messy reality of life with five children. He says, “If you really want to take good pictures of family, you’ve got to really love family and be into families.”

TWiP Family 037: Brian Powers

Brian Powers is a proud father and talented photographer. In this interview, we talk about his new interest in cinematography, how he gets into photos with his daughter and how his work changes with the seasons.

TWiP Family 036: Tara Whitney

In this interview with Tara Whitney, we talk about sharing family photos online, using film again,the power of technically imperfect photos and more.

TWiP Family 035: Seshu on Patience in Photography

How many times have you told your child to be patient?How many times have you run out of patience with your child? As parents, we know a thing or two about patience. Today’s I share my conversation with Seshu. He is a family photographer, runs the website, and is the father of two rambunctious boys.

TWiP Family 034: Jeremy Cowart

Today I’m sharing my conversation with celebrity photographer, teacher, founder of Help Portrait and father of four: Jeremy Cowart. We talk about how his parents encouraged his creativity and how you’re not alone if you’re uncomfortable having your photo taken.