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Photographing Cuba with Kenna Klosterman

Kenna Klosterman is a Seattle-based travel photographer, tour leader, international MC and speaker, educator and say-hi-to-strangers gal. As I wrote that, it hit me that I may not being doing enough things in my life.

I first became aware of Kenna in the early days of CreativeLive, where she is the Host. I remember watching when Kenna, along with Susan Roderick, would take questions from Twitter, and I was one of those people asking a question. I still watch CreativeLive to this day, and I even remember the first course I bought from CreativeLive – a fantastic Zack Arias course (speaking of which, Zack…. I need you on Behind the Shot).

Somehow, along with everything else that she does, Kenna leads tours to wonderful destinations all over the world, including Cuba, Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya, Costa Rica and Bhutan.

She was the Field Producer for AdoramaTV’s original documentary series Through the Lens: Cuba. Her Cuba-only Instagram account ‘@cubaphoto‘ was named one of Ink361's ‘8 Beautiful Instagram Accounts to Discover Cuba‘, and she even recently curated an exhibit of 60 Cuban photographers at the University of Washington. She's been featured on Resource Travel, DPReview, AdoramaTV, and podcasts like The Candid Frame, The Angry Millennial, and The Visual Revolutionary.

Kenna’s personal vision is to enable change in the world through powerful imagery. Her travels have taken her to over 40 countries – the energy, friendliness and human connectivity of people she’s met and photographed around the world continue to inspire her.

Kenna is fantastic on camera, but with all the great photographers she works with at CreativeLive I fear people miss out on what a great photographer she is. Looking through her photos of Cuba is like going back in time. She doesn't just capture the images, but the culture.

If you are interested in joining Kenna on one of her upcoming Cuba tours, or her tours co-led with John Greengo to Tanzania & Kenya or Bhutan, be sure to check out the links below.

Kenna is also an instructor at WPPI 2018! Be sure to check out her session “Creating Authentic Portraits with Kenna Klosterman” on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 from 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM in the South Pacific Ballroom F – the Session Number is PW34.

Join Kenna and me as we discuss one of her Cuba images, and explore how to interact with, and get better images from, your subjects when traveling.

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Connect with Kenna

Facebook: @kennakphoto
Instagram (personal): @kennaklosterman
Instagram (Cuba Only): @cubaphoto
Twitter: @KennaKPhoto

Kenna Online

Adorama Learning Center
Resource Travel
The Candid Frame Podcast
The Angry Millennial: Episode 30 – Part 1Episode 31 – Part 2

Kenna's Tours

Tanzania & Kenya (with John Greengo)
Bhutan (with John Greengo)

Kenna at WPPI 2018

Creating Authentic Portraits with Kenna Klosterman


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