The Canon Powershot G9X is the latest, smallest and least-expensive addition to Canon’s GX line. Using the same 1″ sensor as the G3X, G5X, G7X and the Sony RX100 mk III, the G9X is the smallest and most-pocektable 1″ sensor camera on the market. While you give up larger-camera features such as an electronic viewfinder, tiltable LCD and longer zoom range — the G9X’s zoom is 3x — you get good image quality and a touch-screen LCD in a small package for only US$500.

Put through its paces, Gordon liked it. The camera features 1080p video at 60fps, WiFi+NFC, a built-in ND filter and in-camera battery charging, making it even better for compact traveling.

The GX line can be quite confusing — the model numbers seem a bit out of sequence based on price and features — but as Canon’s answer to Sony’s successful RX100 cameras, there’s a model in there for almost any compact-camera need.

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Canon G9X
Image Quality
Controls, Ergonomics, Menus
  • Smallest 1" Sensor Camera
  • Low Cost
  • Touch Screen
  • Weak in Low Light
  • No EVF or Tilting LCD
  • Limited 3x Zoom Range
3.5Overall Score