Burning Man Taxi

Behind the Shot with Chris Berry

BtS_ChrisBerryChristopher Berry is a Tucson Arizona based creative person, with an out-of-control obsession with technology. Aa real estate professional he has been merging the knowledge of his profession with his love for photography in new ways. Chris is a licensed sUAS (drone) pilot and has been building and flying drones for the past few years.

Taking his love of documentary style photography and portraiture, Chris shoots his life along with anything he feels is interesting, whether that’s “pretty” or not.

Join us on this episode of Behind the Shot as we discuss one of his images from Burning Man.

Chris’ Work

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Instagram: @mikmaan
Twitter: @Eksmaan
Facebook: @Eksmaan

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1 thought on “Burning Man Taxi”

  1. Feel happy to know about him again and his work. I’m watching some of his journey on the Photographs. May Be few month ago I’ve read another post on Christopher here in this network.