Behind the Shot with Christie Goodwin

bts_christiegoodwinWhen it comes to Live Music photography, there are few photographers as respected as British photographer Christie Goodwin. She is a witty, fun, and amazingly talented photographer.

She is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, and she got her feet wet in fashion photography. For most of the 1990s she was an editorial news photographer for major wire agencies, and it was around that time that she developed the habit of outsmarting security to sneak her camera into venues to shoot her favorite bands. Then, in 2005, she was commissioned to shoot a live performance, and that same evening she hung up her editorial hat and became a full time music and entertainment photographer. She hasn’t looked back since.

Christie is the official photographer at the Royal Albert Hall – yup… THAT Royal Albert Hall. She is also a highly sought after tour and portrait photographer, having worked with the likes of Usher, Taylor Swift, Joe Bonamassa, One Direction, Ed Sheeran and more. Known and respected for always getting the shot, she can turn a run down a back alley into an iconic image. Her work has appeared on CDs, DVDs, tour merchandise, posters, calendars, and books. With over 30 years of experience, she brings a skill set to her work that most people can only dream of. In her free time she can be found shooting complex and frightening murder scenes for crime novel covers, but music photography is her passion.

One of Christie’s clients is music superstar Katy Perry, and when Katy asked Christie to shoot a show during her Prismatic Tour, one of the best live music photographs of all time was the result.

In this episode of Behind the Shot, I talk with my friend Christie Goodwin about her work, and how this shot was made – and the story is as amazing as the shot!

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