The Angel Gabriel

Behind the Shot with Cole Thompson

Cole Thompson - Self-Shadow, Alabama Hills copyCole Thompson is a Fine Art photographer born in Salina, Kansas, now living in Laporte, Colorado, that has lived in 24 cities in-between. Self-taught, Cole never worked as a photographer, instead earning a living in business. He never mixed money with art and has not regretted that decision.

I found Cole’s work one day while browsing through 500px – if you have not lost time browsing through 500px we need to have to a talk. Cole’s work immediately jumped out at me. The way he does Black & White feels so rich in color. Seriously, the depth he gets is amazing.

Recently retired, Cole now spends much of his free time traveling and photographing. His most recent portfolio, Melting Giants, appeared in the spring 2017 issue of LensWork magazine.

Join Cole and I as we discuss an image he says is “significant to me for three reasons”. It’s “The Angel Gabriel”, on this episode of Behind the Shot.

Cole’s Work

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  1. Hey Laura,

    Thanks for the comment, and for watching. Cole has such a fresh mindset to his work, it is really moving.

    Steve Brazill (Host, Behind the Shot)