AlphaMirrorless 042: Video Review & Comparison Of The Sony Alpha a6500, a6300 & a6000

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AlphaMirrorless 042: Video Review & Comparison Of The Sony Alpha a6500, a6300 & a6000

Here at the AlphaMirrorless podcast, we are very excited about the new Sony a6500 that recently started shipping. We have started to put the camera thru it’s paces and we wanted to share with you our thoughts as well as give you a comparison of the new a6500 against the a6300 and the a6000. For this we created a special video highlighting some of these new features as well as comparing some of the ergonomic differences between these cameras.

Take a listen to the episode and then watch the video for a hands on review of the camera. Enjoy!

We don’t always have all the answers, but if we don’t we will research it and try to give you the best answer we can. So what have you got to lose, go ahead and send in your questions to us by going to this form.

Winner of our Mindshift Gear Photo Backpack Giveaway

Congratulations to David Welfelt for being the winner of the new Mindshift Gear Trailscape 18L photo backpack. David submitted this great image to our AlphaMirrorless Facebook Page.

Wishes of the Week

  • Juan: One thing I discovered is that when you connect an hdmi to the camera, the built-in lcd screen turns off. I wish I was able to control that.
  • Andy: Sony updates firmware on other cameras to allow the LCD screen to be turned off, like on the a6500. Very useful for long exposures and also for timelapses.

Picks of the Week

  • Juan: Apple AirPods (these will be great for travel) available for order today.
  • Andy: Zeiss Touit 12 for the a6XXX series. Several were using it for aurora and star shooting in the Yukon last week, it performed great and the photos were amazing!

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