TWIP #128 – Price Perception

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This week: The dawn of the 500 dollar wedding photographer…right or wrong. Catherine Hall joins the fray, and an interview with superstar wildlife shooter Rick Sammon.

Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Alex Lindsay, Catherine Hall


Alex just returned from his trip to the Seychelles Islands, which are north of Madagascar. No monkeys or Lemurs on the islands.

Catherine talks about her photo trip to the Caribbean and her self-assigned photo assignment to push herself in the lighting department. She is mainly a wedding photographer but she branches out into other areas of photography in order to keep the passion alive.

The $500 Wedding Photographer
Should Wedding Photographers be charging $500 or wait until they can charge $5,000? This is the question that Frederick poses to Catherine and Alex.

Nikon Updates Coolpix Line with Seven New Models
Nikon has updated the Coolpix product line with seven new models spanning the Performance, Life and Style classes, including a superzoom with a new CMOS backlit sensor and the slimmest in-class 10x pocket camera.

Catherine asks Frederick and Alex which is the best point-n-shoot camera: Nikon or Canon?


Today’s guest has been to more than 100 destinations on the planet. He’s able to focus his camera and writing skills on different cultures and on subjects in the animal kingdom. To not just capture the grandeur of nature’s landscapes but the wonder of being there. Today Rick Sammon has established himself through seminars, how-to books, and articles as one of the world’s foremost travel photographers and digital image makers, and as a person who can inspire others to succeed at their craft.

Rick and Frederick discuss the business of Photography and how to succeed in the business.



Q: Steve Sarjola on the TWiP Facebook writes: Help! I’ve been listening to photography podcasts for the last six months and have heard absolutely no one mention anything about the Canon 85 mm 1.2! It’s like this lens doesn’t exist. But if you go to Canon’s website this is the lens they recommend for portrait photography. Is this lens a waste of my money or should I go with the 50 mm 1.2?

A: Catherine answers: The 85 mm 1.2 is a great lens but pricey. If you don’t have a full sensor camera, the 50 mm 1.2 would almost be equivalent to the 85 mm when you figure in the crop factor. Because of the price, it’s best to rent the lens before your buy.

Q: TWiP fan Dev Chang asks: I was wondering if you could do a quick bake-off between the Nikon CoolPix P100 and Fujifilm HS10 as a general walking-around camera. My real question is would Alex get either one of these? I’m equally interested in the photo and video aspects, especially in low light.

A: Alex answers: It’s unlikely I would get either camera. I would buy a Canon point-n-shoot so I can hack it. The Nikon P100 looks like a nice camera.

Q: Twiplog reader Ralph Velasco: Is there a relatively simple way for me to get the tens of thousands of images I’ve already processes in Aperture over to Lightroom?

A: Frederick answers: Check out Scott Bourne’s blog. He has a nice write-up about migrating projects from Aperture to Lightroom.


Catherine: Hopefully its alright if it have two:
1) New Lowepro Pro Runner X 350 AW
2) New wireless Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet
Frederick: Andy Biggs Photo Bag from Gura Gear
Alex: Slik Table-Top Travel Tripod


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  • How to gain experience to charge more for weddings, events, etc.

    Find a charity (or a few if needed) that you are passionate about and volunteer to photograph their events. They would love great photos and the photographer learns as they go. The pressure is not as great as going out and shooting a wedding ‘cold’ and the photographer can ‘play’ as they learn.

    Although I do not shoot $500 weddings, there are couples that cannot afford anything more than 500-1000. These photographers have a place in the market but … Unfortunately, the couples do not realize that they might miss out on capturing their special day if the photographer is not skilled.

  • I found it somewhat ironic that this episode talks about protecting the photography market by not undercharging for shooting a wedding, yet the episode is sponsored by a site which, for better or worse, definitely threatens the market of the web designer. The way you talk about SquareSpace and how much money you can save by not hiring someone to write the code for a web site is most likely the exact same way that some people talk about not having to pay someone $5,000 to shoot their wedding because some people are willing to do it for much less. Just my thoughts upon listening to this episode, anyway. I can understand both sides of this debate, though, for many reasons.

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