TWIP #124 – CES Wrap-Up

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This week: A wrap-up of CES and some of the cool, photography-related product announcements. An interview with HDR expert Trey Ratcliff. And a special guest host, digital-imaging expert Richard Harrington, joins the fray.

Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Alex Lindsay, Richard Harrington


Frederick and Alex both attended the CES show in Las Vegas and discuss some of their experiences and the cool products they saw.

Alex mentioned Show Stoppers — press-only event where vendors paid to show their products to the press.

Alex also like the Double Resolution Monitors he saw at the show. The monitors are double the resolution of HD.

This lead to a question from Frederick asking if trade shows were dead.


Frederick interviews Trey to discuss HDR photography and Tray shares some tips on how to improve your HDR techniques.

Trey has a new book about HDR photography, “A World in HDR.” You can also find a HDR tutorial on his site.

You can learn more about Trey at and follow him on Twitter at TreyRatcliff.

Back to the Discussion

Frederick asks the question if Adobe should modularize Photoshop and sell it for $100 and sell add-ons to add functionality as needed.

Richard mentions that he has two photo apps on iTunes: Understanding Photoshop: Panoramic Photos; and Photography and Understanding Photoshop: Quick Fixes.

Richard is also working on a new book, “From Still to Motion,” which teaches photographers how to move from stills to videos. The book also comes with a DVD of the video clips used in the book. They have three chapters left to go and will be ready in March. Pricing will be around $59 USD.

This lead into the never ending discussion about the merging of still photography and video.

You can find more about Richard at his blog and his company,

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  • Listening to this episode sounded like an advertisement for Apple. One way too long Apple commercial. I realize that Apple gives you guys your computers and iPhones, but really. This was to be a CES wrap up show. I attended the CES this year and one of the things that is great is that Apple is NOT there! We get go see real computer gear, not ga ga things. I usually like TWIP, but when you guys start regurgitating Apple comments, it gets a bit much to take. Guess what, there are many users that do not use overpirced Apple products and get excellent results, possibly better. Is it possible to do a show that is not biased?

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