TWiP Family 54: Taryn Boyd – Maternity and Newborn Photography

Screenshot 2016-05-23 21.49.42This week I’m sharing my conversation with Taryn Boyd of BluHippo Photography. Taryn is a maternity and newborn photographer and mother of two adorable boys. She lives in right here in my beloved Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Taryn describes her work as lifestyle and during our conversation we talk about how that is different from posed also different from documentary. I ask Taryn about her start with photography, how it developed into a business and experiences photography has brought into her life. We also talk about what it was like for Taryn to have Yan Palmer photography her family. (Yan was a guest here on TWiP Family on Episode 47.)

We all want to be better photographers. And, it takes practice. That’s what I’m doing this year along with an warm, funny and kind group of TWiP Family listeners. Join us on Flickr.

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  • I’m only about 15 minutes into this episode so far, but I have to say I’m so glad you explained that the penguins you are talking about are not the animals, but the hockey team. I would have been so confused otherwise! 🙂

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