TWiP Family 77: Art as Activism with Lucy Baber

On Today’s episode of TWiP Family I talk with Lucy Baber. Lucy is a mother and family photographer in the Philadelphia area. I love hearing about personal projects and using photography to shine a light on a topic someone cares about. That is exactly what Lucy is doing. Lucy writes, “My new project is called 100 Black Dads, and it was born out of my need to contribute to the current Black Lives Matter movement with my voice as a photographer.  My goal is simple: I want to change the conversation about black men in America.  The black men I know are not “criminals, drug addicts, and rapists”.  They are hard-working fathers, they are nurturers, and at the end of the day they are getting down on the ground and building Legos and having princess tea parties with their kids just like every other dad I know.  As a lifestyle family photographer, I’m using my voice to help tell their stories in a way that is authentic, optimistic, and culturally sensitive.”

On today’s show we discuss how her project started, how it has changed since the idea came to hear and what her hopes are for the future of the project.

More about Lucy and her project:Website, Instagram, Facebook

More about Jenny: Website, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, The Family Photographer

This is my last episode as host of TWiP Family. Thank you to Frederick Van Johnson and everyone at the TWiP network who  helped create and share TWiP Family.

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