TWiP Family 68: Which Critics Count? with Caleb Kerr

This episode of TWiP Family is an interview with Caleb Kerr. Caleb recently wrote an article titled, Which Critics Count? Identifying the Truly Constructive Criticism. (He wrote about critics after getting feedback about this article.)When you start making photos you’re proud of and showing them to the world, you may get some feedback. Most of the things people say will be good.  Some of the comments might be a little harsh. When do you listen to what someone is saying about your work – good or bad? How can feedback help us grow as photographers? On this episode Caleb and I talk about these and other questions about becoming better photographers.

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  1. Hi Jenny….another very enjoyable episode. Caleb was very engaging and it was interesting to listen to both his and your views on the topic. I intend to read his articles as well as take a look at his 365.