TWiP Family 67: Chuck Anerino on Documenting Family Life

This week’s podcast is an interview with Chuck Anerino. Chuck is a father of three boys who photographs his family in a documentary style. We talk about why got interested in making photos before he had children of his own and what those photos were like.

Chuck talks about the stages he went through to become a better photographer. Like so many of us, he spent time blurring out the background of all his photos with a wide aperture. After awhile, he wanted his photos to have more context. His photographs changed when he started using a 35mm lens and closing down his lens a little.

We discuss how Chuck creates images he finds interesting by committing to a composition and patiently waiting for something to happen. Chuck also tells us how he fell for a Leica Monochrom camera and photographed a year of his family life in black and white. He talks how that limitation made his work stronger.

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  1. Great show yet again and yes I agree with Yesim, Arnerino’s work is impressive along with his generous humble gracious personality. I joy to listen to and so much food for thought. I’m always looking to simplify and his description of his journey to get there is insighful and helpful. Thanks Jenny for yet again bringing us another great show. As always listening in from the sidelines.