IMG_8649This week’s show is an interview with Kelly Moore Clark, creator of Kelly Moore Bags. Kelly was a wedding photographer and couldn’t find a bag that fit her body or her needs. She had an idea for the perfect bag and resolved to stop talking about this perfect bag and make one. Kelly had no experience making bags, but she knew what she wanted. She found people who could help her create the bags and quickly found other people who wanted the bag she’d created.

Kelly had small children, a photography business and camera bag business. It was too much. She focused on her growing family and her camera bag business. Kelly tells us how her family grew through adoption (you can see that story here). Her camera bag business also grew and now creates many styles of bags for both women and men.

One of Kelly’s passions in photography is lighting. We talk about how to get started with off camera flash and how to make great photos in all kinds of lighting situations.

Kelly is giving away a camera bag to one lucky listener. If you’d like to win a Kelly Moore bag, leave a comment here about which bag you’d choose. You can see the options at Kelly Moore Bag. A winner will be chosen on August 30, 2016.

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  • James

    I really enjoyed this show. Thank you so much. If I won, I would choose the Pilot Backpack! Thanks!

  • Ann Merry

    Good show…I always learn something from the TWiP podcasts. If I won, I think my favorite bag is the Jude bag.

  • haley rosa

    Love your bags!

  • Pamela Salai

    Great show ! As always . I love hearing “the stories” of how people get started. I am in love with the Canvas Kate bag – I think it looks super great for a purse & a camera bag 😀

  • Stacey Davare Hasley

    Great show! Love Kelly’s story, I think we can all relate to being a workaholic in this industry (I say this as I’m counting down the minutes til nap time so I can get some work done haha). If I won I’d love the Libby bag! Thanks

  • Pamela Anticole

    Love the show as always, Jenny! Kelly your bags are beautiful and so are your photos! I think if I had to pick the one I’d get the most use out of, it would be the Pilot. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Jill Tomb

    Great show! Love all the bags! Pilot might be my favorite! 😉

  • Heather Lowe

    I am loving the show! My favorite bag is the Canvas Kate.

  • Kari Renée Badley

    Oh my gosh. I adore them all. But, if I had to choose I think I’d pick Jude. I’m a grey-a-holic and I love the size and shape of it. Jenny, your show is wonderful and I look forward to it every week! Kelly, your bags are just fabulous. Both of you, KEEP IT UP! ?

  • mary beth Miller

    Another great show! I often find myself saying, “yes! Me too!” To a lot of your interviews!
    I love the Jude bag!. Beautiful products!

  • Jules Bradley

    The Libby…. Gaw-geous! Love the article and ALL of the bags! ????

  • Rachel French

    I love this podcast and Kelly Moore bags! If I had to pick a favorite bag , which is hard btw, it would be the evangeline. <3

  • Christal Houghtelling

    Loved the podcast! I would love to win one of her gorgeous bags!

  • Douglas Shoemaker

    The pilot backpack looks fantastic!

  • Ashley St Germain

    Awesome Interview as always Jenny! I Love Kelly Moore Bags and i’m crushing hard on the Augusta bag, especially the rose color. Thanks for the opportunity to win Kelly!

  • Anna Graf

    Love TWiP Family podcast and Kelly Moore bags! I’ve just spent the last half of the podcast drooling over these bags and am firmly IN LOVE with Collins in the bone/grey combo. I bought a competitors bag on sale a few years ago and its so heavy even without my gear, ugh. Love that this one is only 2.5lbs! So gorgeous and functional! I’d love to win this!

  • Jae Lee

    I don’t think it was designed for a man, but I would rock the “Collins” bag anyway.

  • The bags look fantastic and I’d love to get one! Though I’m also curious…which is the least horrible parasite for a child to get? I’m going to be wondering about this all day…

    • Parasite + your child = horror

      The important thing to know is that ringworm isn’t a worm at all. Don’t freak out.

      • I think I remember getting ringworm when I was a kid, and it was our dog’s fault for getting it in the first place. If my kids got anything like that…yikes!

  • Giovanni Paredes

    What a wonderful show. I really enjoyed this week’s episode and really felt a deep connection to Kelly’s adoption story. What a blessing indeed. If I could chose a bag, it would have to be the “Jude” bag as it would replace my tattered old bag I’ve been wanting to retire for a while now. Thanks so much 😀

  • Joe Russo

    Another great episode! If I had to pick a bag, it would be the Jude – an over the shoulder bag that holds a ton!

  • Tamara LC

    Just discovered your podcast, and I’m hooked! I’m loving Kelly’s bags too. I’d choose the Libby bag. Looking forward to more episodes!

  • Anandi Raman Creath

    I have been eyeing Kelly Moore bags for years. My friend got one and ADORES it. Now that I’ve downsized my camera, I am crushing on the Ruston in Rose. Though I still “visit” the Libby every so often – I adore it in green but am not sure I need something that big now that I don’t carry a diaper bag OR a DSLR.

  • Harry Henze

    Jenny, you out do yourself every show. I always learn something new, something to change the way I think about photography. I’m not sure if this is the right place to say but I would to learn more about interesting ways to compose a shot. By the way the Kelly’s pilot bag looks wonderful. Keep up the incredible work.

    • Thank you, Harry. Composing more interesting shots is a great idea for a show. I’ll put it on this list. – Jenny

  • Brent Connell

    loved this episode. Jenny and Kelly had such a nice conversation I almost felt like we were sitting around having a cup of coffee. don’t want to win a big just wanted to say.

  • Kamila Neuman

    Jenny I really enjoyed listening this episode, Kelly’s story is very inspiring, I wish I could be so brave as she is! I love her bags, and I’ve changed my mind many times before I chose Trenton Backpack, it’s great idea that it can be both – bag and backpack.

  • Heather

    Hi Jenny! I really enjoyed this podcast. Thank you so much for doing this. I would love to get the Kate bag. I’m a girl on the move and this would totally help me move around the town more easily.

  • Louly McButter

    I LOVE the Monroe, I’d probably pick that one!

  • Ariel C

    I like the Riverdale bag!

  • Candace Galan

    I would pick the Westminster Hobo! Beautiful bags!

  • ClickClick

    Hello Jenny. I am a fan. Great job! If I had to pick a bag, I would choose JUDE. This would be for my husband who is the photographer.

  • ToCo

    I love the Collins! It’s got my name all over it lol… Coincidentally my last name 🙂

  • Katelyn Reed

    That Evangeline bag is so beautiful!

    • Katelyn! You’re the winner. Send me your contact info – or use the contact button above.

  • Ashley Espinoza

    I’ve had my eye on Woodstock for a while and I would pick that one!

  • BrandyNicole22

    I would love the Collins!!!

  • Lori L.

    What a great podcast! I’ve wanted a Kelly Moore bag for years. I think I want an Evangeline in Nappa Maple. But there are so many beautiful choices…I don’t think there’s a single one I wouldn’t love!

  • Christine Blaylock

    love Libby!!

  • Melissa Purvis McClain

    The pilot backpack for sure.

  • Alona Young

    I would definitely choose the Libby bag in the sapphire color – I love that blue and all that space!

  • Alyssa Alderman

    Loved the podcast! I have been swooning over the Collins bag since I heard about Kelly Moore bags. I would be over the moon if I won it. Thank you!!

  • Tcbmoore

    I love the Evangeline bag!


    I would love the libby bag, why? because of all the pockets! i love practicle storage!

  • theniftyfoodie

    I’d love the Libby! She has beautiful bags!

  • Meghan Finley

    I’d choose the Ruston.

  • Meredith Harris

    Westminster hobo in black – classy, sturdy and functional!

  • bunny455

    I would choose the Libby Bag in black.

  • Edna Williams

    I would absolutely love to have the Westminster Hobo in Nappa Midnight! What an awesome bag!

  • Ashley

    The Augusta and Riverdale are my faves!

  • Colleen Cecil

    Westminster Hobo! But I can always use another Libby too. Or maybe the Monroe? So hard to choose.

  • Sharlene Piscitelli

    These bags all look terrific! I would choose Oxford in Saddle color.

  • tara oleary

    I absolutely love, love, love the 2 sues bag! My favourite, though so hard to choose!

  • Lasca

    I would choose the Libby. Such beautiful bags and so hard to choose just one!

  • Delanae Lindstrom

    Since I’m a disabled photographer (3 annular tears in my spibe) I’don’t really put the Pilot Backpack to good use.

  • Neljim

    Love the podcast. If I had to choose just one, would be Monroe bag.

  • Patti

    Ruston, Augusta and of course Libby! If I could I’d buy them all!!!

  • Mary Craven

    Jenny – your weekly podcasts are inspiring and I learn something new with each one! I was able to attend Yan Palmers workshop a few weeks after that one aired so that was a big treat.
    Loved Kelly’s interview – she is so casual and real and I had no idea there were stylish & funtional camera bags out there! I’ve been eyeing the Trenton but know I’ll need to save up for awhile so I’d love to win that one! Will help get me through fall madness with all my families!!
    Thanks for your insight, openness and authenticity each week. Grateful it’s a community we can share with and support one another.
    Xoxo Mary Craven Dawkins

  • I want the Evangeline, with all my heart and soul.
    I had a Sue, that I finally retired this month. It had leprosy. All the cherry color was peeling off.
    So, this next time, it HAS to be leather.

  • Rachel H

    I love the Kate and the Luna! It would be hard to choose!

  • Barbara Lies

    My favorite is the (Hey) JUDE! I love it.

  • Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    I’d love to own the Ruston!

  • Julie H

    I think I’d choose the Libby or Evangeline…tough choice though because there are so many beautiful bags!

  • Rey McGehee

    The Pilot Backpack looks great.

  • Alicia B

    It’s so hard to choose, all her bags are gorgeous. I would pick the Monroe in black!

  • Denise Haviland Fedko

    They are all beautiful, but I really love the Libby!

  • Chaunte Johnson

    All of your designs are great. I would love the Evangeline.

  • Deanna

    I love the Libby bag. The only problem is that I want all the colors too!

  • Ariella Carver

    All of them! I think the Libby would be my first choice though 🙂

  • Krista Bonesteel

    I love the Riverdale!

  • Abbi Hearne

    It’s so hard to decide, but I would love the Collins Bag! So gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! I loved the podcast!

  • The Collins bag (in Sand Canvas/Bone trim) is what DREAMS are made of <3 Thanks for the lovely giveaway…Cheers! xx

  • Megan Arndt

    I would love the Trenton Backpack!

  • Rust

    The Trenton is perfect!

  • vanessa

    Wonderful podcast! I love the Evangeline & Woodstock Backpack so it would be a toss up between those two.

  • SarahK

    Toss up between the Westminster and the Collins. Love these bags!

  • Jennifer

    Monroe 3 in 1!! I love it! Thanks for being so candid with your followers<3

  • Amber Mitchell

    I love the design of your bags! I have an on going wish list. Would love to have the Ruston in Rose!

  • Naomi

    I would choose them all! You can’t go wrong with a KM bag!! But if I was forced, I’d have to pick the Libby.

  • Katie C.

    I think the Riverdale is great for its messenger-bag style without the weight.

  • Stephanie Jordan

    Libby bag!

  • Jodi Kegebein

    I’m torn between the Westminster and Kate

  • Michelle

    I love the Collins bag, especially in the grey/brown combo! I’m a tote bag girl at heart and am passionate about photography–especially wildlife and nautical landscapes. This would be the perfect bag for me to carry my camera, two lenses, some snacks and a good book and get lost in rocky coastline of Cape Ann, MA where I live.

  • Molly Lee Tafvelin

    I love the Westminster Hobo. Love the pictures!

  • Anne Krokos-Schaal

    It would definitely be Jude for me! I like the capacity of this bag, great for travel and can hold just about anything!

  • Altered Perceptions Studio

    Oh man! I’ve had my eye on the Libby for years!! ?

  • hanamik

    I like the woodstock backpack!

  • Amy Stephens

    I would love the Jude bag! These bags are awesome.

  • Kelley Larsen

    The Westminster in Nappa Midnight!

  • ppout

    I gave the Monroe to my daughter for her new career, and we both have the Libby. Kelly Moore bags are amazing! I myself would love the Monroe to replace my current briefcase/work tote!

  • anita

    The Jude in black would be absolutely lovely to have as I plan on traveling after my medical licensing exams ??

  • Kristin Locurto

    I would <3 the Luna

  • Nora Ngan

    The Pilot Backpack!

  • madi glachan

    If I could win I’d get the posey pocket bag! Loved listening to Kelly!

  • Haleyb

    I’d pick the Collins bag

  • *swooning* I LOVE the Trenton & the Kate!!! 😀 Gorgeous family pics, btw!

  • Sara Klein

    I would love the Evangeline

  • Ma Motts

    trenton- love the zip feauture

  • Elizabeth Lomanhayes

    The Libby ?

  • Marcie

    love the Libby!

  • Idgie

    Wonderful children photography! I would choose the awesome Pilot Backpack.

  • Carole Johnson

    I wish I could find photos from my youth! <3
    This is a great episode.

  • lucysullivan

    Collins for sure!

  • Love her bags! I would love the pilot backpack!!

  • Damaris Rosario

    I want the Jude in black! ?

  • Heather Kesner Zabaneh

    I love all of the bags so it’s hard to pick just one. I would love the evangeline or the Collins.

  • Haley Adair

    I love the Luna in black and white because it’s not too big, very stylish and goes with everything! ?

  • Amber Olverson

    I have wanted a kelly moore bag since I got my first dslr … love the westminster hobo in nappa maple!!

  • Tanya Sains

    I would ❤️❤️❤️ The Libby in any color actually. I love the pop and variety it brings.

    I have the 2 sues and absolutely love it! I just ordered the Ruston last week and can.not.wait!

  • Jezrell Visayan

    I’m so inlove with the quality all of your bags! I would love to get the Woodstock stone bag for my 1styr of collage and my upcoming birthday on Sept. #digitalphotographyprogram

  • Jennifer Williams

    I would love the Kate bag for capturing my sons’ football and baseball games!

  • Julianne Johnson

    I loved listening too you both! I thought I had the wrong podcast when I heard you talking about ringworm, haha! I love the the Jude, having space for my kids stuff is what sold me.

  • Marionne Joy O’Brien

    Would love to have the Trenton backpack, With scoliotic back I need to even the weight out on my shoulders so it wouldn’t aggravate the pain (camera gear isn’t lightweight yay!).thanks Jenny and Kelly! All the best!

  • Kim L.

    I love Kelly’s bags! I especially love the Evangeline because of the longer straps.

  • BE Jones

    The Ruston would work beautifully for me!

  • dreammua

    I have been a fan of Kelly’s for years now. The Ruston bag in rose is absolutely lovely. Thank you for the opportunity.


  • Stephanie P

    I’d love to try The Evangeline – it’s beautiful!

  • shelleyc

    the Libby bag in Sapphire! It’s on my Christmas list. <3

  • Lisa Such

    Love it! The Kate bag is my absolute favorite!

  • Robin Lueck Hamm

    I would ❤ the Libby bag!!

  • Cheryl Plestina

    Great podcast, hilarious!! If given the opportunity to win a bag it would be the Ruston in bone! Such a stunning bag!

  • Shelly Thompson

    I so enjoyed this episode and learning more about lighting. I have loved photography since high school and enjoy shooting my son playing baseball. Lighting is hard with sports…especially on sunny days! I would really enjoy the Austin bag since it seems so versatile. I snazzy camera bag or a wonderful handbag with such cute inside pockets.

  • Jacqueline Nikolish

    I really like the “Kate” bag. It is the perfect size for me and I like the way it is divided for photography equipment or day to day living. I also like the casual canvas look of it. …I want one so bad!

  • Courtney

    Great podcast! The Jude would be my pick. It looks like the perfect bag for traveling.

  • Alisson Hajasz

    The Trenton Backpack is my favorite, I love that you can carry it like a purse also!

  • Heidi Ackermann

    Every bag is so beautiful. It’s hard to choose just one. I’d say the Trenton is top for me. Thanks!!

  • Jesse

    Pilot Backpack!

  • margaretimecs

    I love the Westminster Hobo

  • Michelle Chiu

    Kelly’s story is amazing (as well as her bags) – I’m so glad she’s been featured! If chosen, I’ve been eyeing the Collins or Augusta for back to school and photoshoot purposes!

  • Loved this episode. Lighting is everything.
    I’m torn between the Monroe and the Woodstock backpack.

    Maybe I can get both in the future.

  • Meredith Cain

    Great interview – flash is so intimidating and Kelly makes everything sound so easy to play with until you master. I think I’d love the Trenton bag!

  • Kathryn Crawford

    Love Kelly & her bags, been a huge fan for many years!! I love the Kate bag, it is just what I’ve been needing to add to my collection.

  • Brooke McCleary

    I LOVE KELLY MOORE! I have been so interested in the woodstock backpack! I have a few of her other bags, and can’t say enough good things about them! The only thing I’m missing is a backpack, it would be so much easier for traveling with my camera!

  • Sherri Youngblood

    Great podcast! I’ve loved the Libby bag in orange for so long, but I’ve recently turned my eye to the Collins! Oh to have them both!

  • I have the boy bag but I’d love to have the Kate! I loved the story for how you got into photography too!!

  • Melanie F

    Oh I have admired/adored Kelly since I fell in love with photography & of course camera bags! My heart had been swooning over Mr Jude. I want to go on rad adventures with him & fall madly in love!! Hihihi)

  • Nikki D

    Loved this podcast! I’ve had the Libby in orange in my Kelly Moore online shopping bag forever. How fantastic would it be if that would actually happen?!

  • Mary Blake

    My current favorite is the Westminster Hobo in black. Wish I already had it to take on an upcoming trip this fall!!!

  • traymona

    I would choose the austin bag in bone.

  • Krista Stenhaug

    I would choose the Trenton backpack, Collins or Monroe I think! So difficult to choose!!!

  • George(tte) Washington Bunny

    I would choose the Kate bag or the Monroe.

  • Kimberly S

    Wonderful podcast! I would choose the Libby in black!! What a dream that bag would be to have!!

  • margaretsmith

    I would love the Ruston in Rose if I won. Beautiful bags. Thanks so much.

  • Debi Warren

    I love your Austin Bucket Bag in Stone and Bone…my god that bag makes me smile. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a bag from you.

  • Rachel Kutney

    I’m in love with The Trenton Bag ?

  • hollie

    Westminster Hobo ❤

  • Rebbecca Morrow

    I would choose Libby in green or Carmel! Love them both!!!!

  • Jennifer McNeil

    omg – I so want the Ruston bag in rose. =) =) =)

  • Roxanne Engstrom

    pilot backpack!!! Great discussion!

  • Amie D

    I enjoyed listening, thank you for a fun podcast! It was so informative and entertaining…I especially enjoyed hearing Kelly’s thoughts on wedding photography. (And also knocking people over with a fanny pack…lol) I would choose the Collins bag in the sand/bone combo. Thanks for the chance!

  • Sandy M

    Love her bags! I would love the Kate!

  • Katie Davidson

    Such a fun podcast! I love the Libby ❤

  • Bill Sullivan

    Westminster hobo for sure

  • Fiona Dagott

    I’ve been eyeing off the Luna bag in mustard for a while now but then the Monroe came out. Loving the Monroes versatility and the green and black colour combo. Not sure which one is my favourite.

    It was great to listen to Kelly’s story and the journey to the bags. Great podcast.

  • Bernadette N

    I would choose the Woodstock in Cinnamon Colorblock!

  • Brandi Adams

    Oh man, the sand canvas with bone trim Collins bag is calling to me!

  • leila

    I choose the monroe bag

  • Victoria

    I love the Westminster Hobo!

  • Rebecca Brewer

    There are so many lovely bags. I think my fave is the Woodstock.

  • Sophia M


  • Michelle Ann Arvizu

    I loved this podcast!! So much fun and info!! I love my Kelly Moore bag and would love to add another maybe the Pilot Backpack or the Collins!

  • Jolene S

    I love your bags; so many nice ones, but I think the Westminster is my favorite

  • Kourtney Wong

    I love Kelly Moore! The Kate bag is amazing 🙂

  • abrianna

    I would get the Libby bag.

  • Daisy Su

    Love the Collins bag!

  • Maureen S.

    Evangeline 🙂

  • Lola K

    I would get the Libby bag in Green!

  • alisa joy

    I’m so torn between the pilot backpack and the Kate!

  • Mine is the Jude I keep my camera and purse stuff altogether. It’s also my personal item for travel.

  • Suzanne Offner

    I love the Evangeline.

  • Dez

    Jude is just what the Doctor ordered & What I would too . . . if lucky enough to win! Kelly Moore bags are definitely ‘Sick’!!!! ❤️???

  • Christopher Wheeling

    I would have gone with the boy bag in black, but it looks like that line was discontinued. From the canvas collection, Kate it is!

  • Cathy White

    I would choose the Luna bag, small but a very nice looking.

  • Debbie

    I love the Kate!

  • Chelsea M

    I’m obsessed with the Jude bag! It would fit all of my gear so well! I love all of the Kelly Moore Bags and would get so much use out of this bag!

  • Nano Visser

    I love my Pilot backpack for traveling but would love a Kate for my regular life!

  • I would like a Woodstock backpack

  • Sung Kokko


  • Sarah

    I would choose the Kate, perfection!

  • Marloes Lucy Duizer

    I love Kelly Moore bags! I already have a brown Hobo and an orange Libby. I would love another Libby in a different color.

  • Amanda Bateman Evans

    I would choose the Trenton Backpack! I love the backpack option!

  • Randiok

    I love the Monroe bag in Moss! The reality is, I love them all, but if I have to choose, the Monroe is it.

  • Lilla

    Thanks for this great Podcast! It was great to hear Kelly’s story on Her kids, and how She started Her business <3
    It is really hard to choose, but If I'd win, I would pick the Evangeline. (I love big bags! The one I use now is so bulky, and so so so typical "off-the-shelf-black camera bag", I was eying on Kelly Moore bags for a long time, just did't have the fund yet)

  • Sigourney Stansfield

    I would love the pilot backpack, perfect for while I’m travelling!

  • Lie Versnaeyen


    Thank you so much for sharing! I enjoyed listening to you guys.
    My absolute favourite bag is Monroe brown bag.

    I think the design is truly genius.

    Thx for all the awesome work you do!


  • Kelly Shiromizu Dun

    I would choose the Libby bag. I know it is the perfect bag because I have one! The organization compartments is perfect in the bag to find everything I need. It has lots of side pockets for easy access for my phone or extra memory cards. The bag is so comphy to carry around. The tough decision was to choose the color- I have green but would love another color!

  • Great podcast! Fun watching your family grow! Backpacks are the way to go! So the Trenton or the Woodstock would be a great travel bag! I like that the pocket for cards are on your back.

  • Monica Matak Evans

    I love them all, but if I have to chose I would pick the evangeline ?

  • Sue FitzGerald

    I would love the Jude bag, not only is it a gorgeous hold all camera bag but it would be awesome to use as an overnight bag as well.

  • Kellie

    I love the Oxford in Shadow!!! Love,need and want this bag!!! 🙂

  • I just bought the Oxford & LOVE IT… but I have my eye on the Libby now 🙂

  • Dina m

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway! I love the Westminster Hobo, Trenton Backpack and the Woodstock backpack! They are all wonderful!!!

  • Vanesa Dávila-Luciano

    So great to hear more of Kelly’s story! I would love The Oxford bag in Saddle color. Seems like the perfect partner for everyday, walking around in the city and/or traveling and carrying gear inconspicuously.

  • gumby2262

    I like the Monroe bag.

  • Peggy Johnson

    I like the Augusta bag

  • mauliya_mau

    I would like to have The Ruston Shadow, simply because I keep it classy to go outside with my camera along with necessary essentials for the bag and surprisingly matching with all clothes in my wardrobe.

  • Erica G

    I love the Collins in grey canvas w/brown trim.

  • Elaina Borchelt

    Choosing is so hard! But I think I’d go with the Pilot! My second choice would be the Collins.

  • Megan Johnson

    I would DEFINITELY have to go withrough the Trenton Backpack since you can carry it both as a bag or a backpack. How convenient is that!

  • Gloria Sanders

    Hey Jude, don’t let me down. It looks like such a spacious. Great for carrying my camera and lenses plus all the snacks, water, and extra clothes for the babes!

  • allycupe

    I’m in LOVE with the Trenton backpack. I’m an old chick heading back to school and I think this would be perfect!

  • Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your beautiful bags. I invite you to stop by tomorrow and enter my new giveaway too. All of the bags are wonderful I especially like the kate and libby bags. Hugs!

  • Kristen Harris

    I’ve always wanted one of your camera backpacks ever since you released your first one. The Trenton is perfect for what I need. First and foremost, I’m youth minister who has to carry around a laptop and books for lesson planning. I also function in wider projects around the church so a bag that can transition from an functional backpack to a more adult-looking purse is a must. I also freelance in videography, photography, social media administration, and some graphic design. My husband and his business partners are opening a brewery as well and I’m helping with their marketing strategy. I’m transitioning from one role to another a lot these days and a high-end, beautiful, and functional bag is just what I need (just out of my price range though).

  • Holly Hanks

    Hands down, Jude.

  • Charlette Bond

    I thought I liked the Woodstock Backpack until I saw Jude. Wow, I love it but they are all fantastic bags. My fav is Jude!

  • Patricia Schmidt

    I’ve been lusting after the Libby bag in green forever. I see green is no longer an option but I love the sapphire too! Traveling a lot more now and really need to invest in a quality carry on.

  • Lisa O’Malley

    I’d love the Jude bag! Perfect bag for myand my 5 kids and I! I can fit everything in there and it’s stylish!

  • Tiffiny Duke

    Thank you for this podcast!! I really enjoyed listening to it! I love following Kelly Moore’s Bags on Instagram and I LOVE her blog. I absolutely love her kids’ names and the stories she tells throughout this podcast regarding her kids and how she got started. I find her so real, funny, helpful and interesting. It would definitely be awesome to have a barn house and live on 30 acres, can’t wait to see photos of this when its done. A friend of mine recommend Kelly Moore bags to me a while ago. I have been saving for the day I can purchase one. My choice would be the Westminster Hobo. I need to get organization and be in style! Thanks again!

  • jimmyjam5877

    The “Kate” casual canvas bag would be perfect for my wife and her photography needs. I find the Kelly Moore Bag store inspiring and admire the 365 project. It’s not easy to commit to a 365 project, so kudos!

  • Dru McCollum Fentem

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