This week it’s an interview from the streets and highways of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with George Lange. George was in Pittsburgh, his hometown and mine, and we were trying to find a time to talk for the podcast. The morning we’d set aside to talk he realized his meeting was farther out of town than he thought. He said, “Too bad we can’t drive out together. I love recording car conversations.” I said, “Why don’t we?” You’ll hear a little about our surroundings and also some rain on the car during our conversation about George’s photography. (Special thanks to my husband, Steve, for the photo of George and me.)

I found George’s book, The Unforgettable Photograph, and it quickly became a favorite of mine. It’s full of both insights about the inner work of making photographs of our lives and also practical ideas about how to make interesting photos.

George has photographed all kinds of people and he always says to his subject – whether it’s the President of the United States or a child with a degenerative disease, “All were doing is putting love out into the world.” You can hear him talk more about this in his TEDx Talk.

We talk about the beginning of George’s career and what he learned while an assistant for Annie Leibovitz. He tells great stories about the people that encouraged him along the way and also one woman who asked him, “Why don’t you go home?” when he arrived in New York City to start working as a photographer.

More about George Lange: Website, Instagram, Facebook

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  • Ken Ellinwood

    Photographers In Cars Not Taking Pictures of Coffee 🙂 Well done, great listen!

    • Thanks, Ken!

    • Peter Poby

      that’a perfect statement !!!

  • Peter Poby

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