16768204395_937e6da39b_zzaneIn January, I started a 365 Project. I take a photo every day and post the photo – almost daily. I’ve been joined by an amazing group of TWiP Family listeners. On today’s show, I talk with two members of the 365 group on Flickr, Zane Kathryne Schwaiger and Simon Boyle. We talk about why they started the project and what they were hoping to get out of doing it. We also discuss what questions doing the 365 Project has brought up for all three of us – questions about sharing our photos, the intention behind the photos and how doing the project has changed how we think about our photography. Finally, we talk about our thoughts about the second half of the year.

It’s never too late to join the 365 Project group. You can find us in the TWiP Family 365 Project 2016 group on Flickr.

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I’ve got four kids. Yes, my hands are full. But not so full that I leave my camera at home. I take it everywhere and take photos of my kids every day. Photographing reminds me to look at them more closely. What’s he playing with today? What drives her crazy? Did she have a few belly laughs with her brother between the squabbles? I don’t ask my kids to smile, but sometimes they do. I’m happy you’re listening. Really. Questions? Something you’d like to hear on the show? Email me - jenny@twip.pro

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