TWiP Family 58: Sarah Wilkerson on Everyday Photos

Everyday-Life-Family-and-Home-Photography-by-Clickin-Moms-Photographer-Sarah-Wilkerson--3This episode is an interview with Sarah Wilkerson. Sarah is a photographer, mother, teacher, author and CEO of Click and Company. I first spoke with Sarah last summer on episode 14.

Today, we’re talking more about Sarah’s journey with photography and about the photographs she took and didn’t take as she began study photography in a serious way.

We also talk about how her view of the best way to learn photography skills has changed over the years and what thinks a new photographer should start with now. (It’s not shutter speed, aperture and ISO.)

I read a tutorial by Sarah about how to add depth and complexity to your photos and we discuss the tutorial in the show.

More about Sarah: Website, Instagram, Facebook

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  • Jenny this was one of the most insightful podcast I’ve listened to. Sarah is spot on so many things!

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