TWiP Family 57: World’s Best Father – Dave Engledow

Father’s Day is Sunday and who better to celebrate fatherhood here on TWiP Family than the World’s Best Father, Dave Engledow. Dave started creating his humorous images about being a father when his daughter, Alice Bee, was a little baby and he was exhausted.

Dave made his first photos and shared them with friends and family online. He wanted to make them laugh, of course, but also to keep his friends who were not parents from getting bored with a constant stream of “Look at my adorable baby!” photos. Dave’s photos quickly found a wide audience and he created a calendar and then a book from the series.

In today’s interview with Dave Engledow, we talk about the process he goes through from idea to finished product. We also talk about what he’s working on now.

More about Dave: Facebook, Confessions of the World’s Best Father, 2017 World’s Best Father Calendar.

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