TWiP Family 52: Karen Walrond – Look for the Light

Karen WalrondThis week: Karen Walrond. I stumbled on her blog, Chookooloonks, a few years ago. I saw the title of her first book, The Beauty of Different – Observations of a Confident Misfit, and I loved her right away. In this interview with Karen Walrond, we talk about her first book and the book she’s working on now, Thrive.

Karen has worked with the organization One in Africa. We talk about what she learned while photographing in different areas of Africa. One thing she observed is the sound of children playing is the same no matter where in the world you are. And parents the world over want the same things for their children: health, safety and an education.


These days Karen is working on her book, Thrive. Karen was wrestling with the conflict between society’s messages about aging and her own experience of getting older. This quote by Maya Angelou inspired her: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

Of course, we also talk about how she photographs her own family. She talks about this photo she loves from a trip to Paris with her family.

We also touch on a common theme here on TWiP Family – printing photos. And, we’re honest about how few photos we actually print.

More from Karen Walrond – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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Next week on this family photography podcast – a conversation with Kevin Mullins.

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  • Great interview. 😀 … About the brief topic about automated Instagram printing; there’s a way to connect Instagram with 3rd party companies to “auto print” small photobooks by subscription. Chatbooks is one company that I know of off hand, which provides the service at a reasonable cost. Thanks!

  • Jenny, loved the interview. Your guest stated that she had laptops with pictures that won’t turn on. Just because the laptop doesn’t come on, the data on the drive might still be intact. The drive can be removed and connected via USB adapter and be seen like a thumb/flash drive. A local computer mom/pop shop will be able to help her. Avoid the big box stores.

  • I absolutely LOVED this episode. I think it was my favorite so far (sorry Seshu Badrinath & Kevin Mullins). SO insightful and philosophical and just great, especially to listen to on the drive to/from work. I also loved that she is a fellow math nerd who doubted her artistic ability as I’m the same way 🙂 GREAT episode. Can you do 2 or 3 more with her? 🙂

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