TWiP Family 044: Underwater Photography with Erika Thornes

267880_10150303458882658_4025005_nToday I’m revisiting a topic I covered last June on Episode 2 – underwater photography. In that episode, I spoke with Shawn Heinrichs, you can see his work on the Discovery Channel’s show Racing Extinction. His work is a amazing. After talking to Shawn, I had a better idea of why I was struggling to get photos I loved in and around the water.

In this episode, I’m talking to Erika Thornes, a mother who loves underwater photography. Erika lives in southern California. She has year round opportunities to practice her underwater photography skills. We talk about what she has learned about photographing her family and friends underwater.

Erika uses a Sony A600o with a waterproof housing for her underwater photography.

Find out more about Erika Thornes: Website, Facebook, G+

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  • Great topic, and awesome underwater photos! I used my old Canon Powershot + Canon underwater case in our last trip to Hawaii, and I was surprised that the image quality was still great! Canon point and shoots typically have poor in-camera jpeg processing (over-sharpened/aggressive noise reduction), but there’s a safe camera hack called CHDK, which enables you to grab RAW files and manual control. You can also enable a histogram and exposure clipping (i.e. blinkies). For folks who use Canon Point&Shoots, the CHDK camera hack is a great way breath new life back into your camera. Thanks for sharing!

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