TWiP Family 041: Niki Boon

Niki BoonOn this episode, I’m sharing my conversation with Niki Boon. Niki’s makes dramatic photos of her four children exploring the world around them. We talk about what motivates Niki to make photos of her children and how sharing her work regularly pushes her to see harder.

Niki has recently had her work featured on National Geographic Your Shot. She was also named as one of Clickin Mom’s 100 photographers to watch in 2016. (Zalmy Berkowitz is on that list too. You can hear him on TWiP Family episode 38.)

In this interview with Niki Boon, we talk about why she started photographing her children’s adventures, why she loves black and white and how much our sons love the new Star Wars movie.

See more of Niki Boon’s work: Website, Facebook

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  1. Insight interview and great selection of person to interview. Please take this as only constructive and in the manner it’s intended but I’d focus more on the person you’re interviewing than yourself as it gets extremely distracting and takes away from your goal. Great job again, I really enjoyed experiencing this world. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for your comment. I loved having Niki on the show. I love her work and it was great to hear her thoughts about making her photos.

    Thanks for your thoughts on the conversation’s focus too. I do intend to keep the focus on the guest – sometimes with success. Learning as I go.

    Thanks for listening,