TWiP Family 035: Seshu on Patience in Photography

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How many times have you told your child to be patient? How many times have you run out of patience with your child? As parents, we know a thing or two about patience. Today I share my conversation with Seshu. He is a family photographer, runs the website, and is the father of two rambunctious boys. Seshu talks about how patience helps him get photos of his own family and families he photographs, and how patience helps him sell photos to clients as well.

Many guests on TWiP Family have said when it comes to their own families, their kids are like the cobbler’s children who have no shoes. Not Seshu’s kids. He photographs his boys in their many activities and recently had his own family photographed. We talk about the balance between a posed family photo and moments that happen when the photographer is patient. Both kinds of photos have their place. (I mention these photos that poke fun at the perfect looking photos that show up on social media.)

Seshu tells us the story of this photograph. Who wouldn’t love to have a photo like this now and even more in ten or twenty years?

©Seshu Photography
©Seshu Photography

Seshu talks about how he starts his day looking at a family photo that hangs in his bedroom. He looks at it and thinks, “What am I doing today and who am I doing it for?”


Seshu’s Simple Tip for Parents

Lose the lens cap! Get a filter or simply be mindful of your camera. Be ready. And of course, bend your knees! Don’t stand at you full height all the time while photographing kids. They’ll feel more comfortable if you get on their level and the photos will be more interesting.

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